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    Medicinal Cannabis: A New Option To Decrease The Inflammatory Response In COVID-19 Patients

    COVID-19 came through the world like a tumultuous tornado. Many people ended up on mechanical ventilators in hospital intensive care units that overwhelmed the healthcare

    Cannabis Sativa: The Wonder Plant With Superhero Qualities

    Edibles are food products that contain cannabis extract. Cannabis is a great natural source of fiber that contains multiple bioactive cannabinoids. From brownies to gummy bears, edible cannabis can be found in a variety of different food groups….

    Cannabis Edibles: What You Need To Know Before You Start Eating

    Cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana, contains psychoactive properties that give a mental high. The subspecies to cannabis Sativa is known as hemp, the non-psychoactive form of cannabis currently used in the manufacturing of products such as oil, cloth, and fuel….

    Is Medical Cannabis Right for Me?

    The medical properties of cannabis and its therapeutic uses have come into focus in the past few decades. Although marijuana is still a Schedule I controlled

    Ashley’s Law and a Mom’s Story

    Have you heard about Ashley’s law? Would you do anything for your child to experience a normal childhood with relief from their chronic pain? In today’s podcast, you’ll hear about Maureen

    How Do I Get Medical Marijuana in Minnesota?

    Laws surrounding medical cannabis are continuing evolve, but many are still asking, “How do I get medical marijuana in Minnesota?” The process surrounding medical marijuana

    The Decriminalization Of Marijuana: Will President Joe Biden Keep His Promise?

    Marijuana is a weed that has gotten a bad rap over the years, even though it’s been proven to have positive health benefits.

    Is Medicinal Cannabis The Answer To End The Internal War For PTSD Victims?

    t’s a war within yourself that never goes away.” -Quote from Buried Above Ground documentary Picture yourself

    Can Medicinal Cannabis Offer Much Needed Relief For Sufferers Of Chronic Pain?

    No one likes to be in pain. Especially chronic pain. More than one in five adults experience chronic pain in the United States.

    Does Medical Cannabis Relieve Anxiety?

    Anxiety is a normal everyday response to stress. It can alert us to dangers. It can save our lives.Anxiety disorders are different from normal everyday anxiety.