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Due to the distinct guidelines in each state, it is necessary to stay up-to-date with legalization.
Discover the qualifying conditions and the steps required to get a medical marijuana card in your state.

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    Do I qualify for a Medical Card in my State?

    In the United States, marijuana is still a Schedule 1 substance meaning it is classified as having a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. Therefore, federal law prohibits the use of cannabis. However, many states have their own programs and laws governing the use of medical marijuana. Qualified patients in these states have access to cannabis from state-authorized dispensaries once certified by a medical professional.

    Because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, it cannot be “prescribed” by physicians for medical purposes. Providers do not ‘write prescriptions’ as they would do for a high blood pressure medication. However, in states with legalized medical marijuana, a provider with a state-licensed and state mandated certification can provide a ‘letter of recommendation’ for marijuana use. Each state has different requirements for the providers.

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    Cannabis dispensaries in the United States are regulated by the local government. These store-front locations allow medical cardholders to purchase cannabis and cannabis-related products. Staff members, called budtenders, provide the customers with information about various cannabis products and dosing.

    To become a medical marijuana cardholder, book an appointment to consult with a qualified telemedicine doctor. This 100% HIPAA-compliant telemedicine visit includes a marijuana card recommendation (if qualified), a care plan, and information about keeping your card active.

    The medical marijuana journey can be complicated to navigate alone. Our licensed medical marijuana doctors are here to simplify the process and partner with you to find a natural alternative to alleviate your symptoms.

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